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HemiAeroPartitura (2008)
Poetry, Oscar Hahn
for Aerodynamic Trio (recorders and soprano)
Total duration: 23 min.

The piece HemiAeroPartitura was inspired by the three poems of the Chilean poet Oscar Hahn (1938- )
Even his writing being plain and human, creates simultaneously an outer space a transparent environment. He fuses, but also connects with unique way the human bodies and feelings in earth, with another dreamy beyond world ; walking above the hemispheres, music from the planets, speed of love...
The theatrical elements (directed kinesiology and costumes) are part of the composition giving another dimension to the musical approach of the poems.
The piece composed for Aerodynamic Trio in 2007-2008

Costumes, Nienke Brokke
Tape, in collaboration with Alfredo Acebal

Performances: Premier Deventer, Bergkerk, 2007,
Van Gogh Museum, Amstelkerk

Sobre los Hemisferios

Tu sueñas conmigo en el hemisferio sur
Y mi cama proyecta dos sombras

Yo sueño contigo en el hemisferio norte
Y cruje el piso de tu dormitorio

Nuestros cuerpos caminan tomados de la mano
Sobre los hemisferios

You dream of me in the Southern Hemisphere
and my bed projects two shadows

I dream of you in the Northern Hemisphere
and the floor of your bedroom creaks

Our bodies are walking holding hands
above the Hemispheres


La velocidad del amor rompe la barrera de lo real
Y el mundo estalla en astillas de sueño
Sin la menor consideración para los despiertos

The speed of love breaks the barrier of reality
And the world blasts into fragments of dream
without the least consideration for those who are alert.


La música de las esferas
No la produce la rotación
De los planetas en el cielo
Sino la frotación
De los cuerpos en la tierra

The music of the spheres
is not produced by the rotation
of the planets in the sky
but by the friction
of the bodies on Earth

Oscar Hahn
Translation Rodrigo Ciaran