Aspasia Nasopoulou

Een Fantastische Stad

Cellist Pratsinakis zorgt voor een hoogtepunt in de ‘fantastische stad’ van Nasopoulou ★★★★☆
De Grieks-Nederlandse componist vond inspiratie in het boek De onzichtbare steden van Italo Calvino.

Guido van Oorschot 22 november 2021

Een Fanstastische Stad

A collection of compositions that Aspasia Nasopoulou wrote between 2011 and 2021 is inspired by the book of Italo Calvino, The Invisible Cities. Marco Polo, the merchant and adventurer from Venice, tells Kublai Kan about his travels through the ruler’s empire. “It seems to me that you have never visited the cities you describe”, says Kublai Kan to the ever resourceful Marco Polo. “Everything I see and do gets its meaning from a void in the spirit where the same calmness resides as here in this garden”
Do you hear Olinda, Eudoxia, Ersilia, Isaura? Or maybe it is Andria?
A great line-up of musicians makes to sound the many faces of the one city that stays implicit.

Bram van Sambeek, bassoon
Tobias Borsboom & Yukiko Hasegawa, piano
Kevin Walton, voice
Marijn Korff de Gidts, percussion
Trevor Grahl, organ
Antonis Pratsinakis, cello
Francesca Clemetns, recorder and electronics
Roberto Genova, tenor saxophone
Fernando Oliveira, dance
Thanasis Deliagiannis, direction advice
Ernst Dullemond, decor

Animation for Aqua
Dymphie Huijssen
Sophie Brandhoff
Rosanne Hustinx

Premiere Orgelpark 20 November 2021


Een Fanstastische Stad



  • (audio frag. Roberto Genova, tenor sax. from the cd
    Carousello di Fantasie, Stradivarius recordrs)