Aspasia Nasopoulou


  • Ikaros // 13 Jun 2018

    Watch the trailer of the new music dance performance. Premiere 4th November 2018, November Music Festival.(supported by FPK)

  • Aqua // 13 Jun 2018

    The video animation for the piece Aqua, for bassoon and percussion is ready!
    A very nice work from Dymphie Huijssen, Rossane Hustinx and Bram Brandhoff.
    Premiere 9th of October in Hochchule für Musik und Tanz Köln in Cologne by Bram van Sambeek.

  • Harbours, for flute and electornics in China // 11 Jul 2018

    Harbour and Parallaxis an impressive concert, going in tour in China this summer.
    Cheng Yu-Wu, flute and electronics
    Three pieces of co-composers Amsterdam are in this special event.Very proud for our piece Harbours with Aleksdanra Popovska and Floris van der Vlugt.
    Premiere 29 July in Taipei , Taiwan
    For our friends in China:

  • Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival // 25 May 2018

    The piece 3 # 1 for clavichord was in the final of the Composition Competition of the Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival.

  • Mondrian's Dream // 10 Jun 2018

    Mondrian's Dream inspired by the last painting of Mondrian Victory Boogie-Woogie for Wishful Singing female a capella ensemble concluded their tour -after a sold out premier in November Music 2017- on the 10th of June in de Oude Kerk Spaarndam. New performances in autumn!

  • Olinda and Ochto // 04 Mar 2018

    Olinda and Ochto are in the new released cd of Erato Alakiozidou "In Blue and White" by Odradek. A concert cd/presentation happened in Amsterdam on the 4th of March in Splendor.

  • Takuu/ The sinking island // 20 Mar 2018

    Takuu/ The sinking island (2018), the new composition for the Greek Modern Ensemble premiered on the 20th of March in Athens Concert Hall. Direction: Iakovos Konitopoulos