Aspasia Nasopoulou
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Passion I (2003)
fragments from Sappho,
for paetzold recorder quartet (I, II bass and I, II contrabass) two percussionists soprano and six dancers
Total duration: 22 min.

20th of April, 2004, Gasthuis

Aspasia Nasopoulou music
Nicola Hepp choreography

Cecilia Aasen
Andrea Gotovina
Irena Mikec
Manuella Tessi
Guillem Mont
Mathijs Scheepers

Matthias Engler
Bart de Vrees

Erik Bosgraaf
Stephanie Brandt
Lena Chatzigrigoriou
Maria Martinez Ayerza

Maribeth Diggle soprano
Jane Lang conductor

Manuela-1-027web “Passion”, Gasthuis 2004, (photo, Theo van Loon) “Passion”, Gasthuis 2004, (photo, Theo van Loon) “Passion”, Gasthuis 2004, (photo, Theo van Loon)
“Passion”, Gasthuis 2004, (photo, Theo van Loon)

passion“Passion” Theaterzaal, June 2005, solo version, dance Marina Peuranen

Tetralogy Theatershool AHK May 2005

Invitation for Passion
(click to view as PDF)

Αεριων επεων αρχομαι αλλ’ονατων [ε] γω το καλλος επιτ[μεζον]…
οφθαλμοις δε μελαις
νυκτος αωρος και ποθηω και μαομαι ουκ οιδ
οττι θεω διχα μοι τα νοηματα κατ’ εμον σταλαχμον
ου τι μοι υμμες ας θελετε υμμες [ο] ττινας
γαρ ευ θεω κηνοι με μαλιστα παντων σινοντα[ι]
εγω δ’εμ’[αυται τουτο συ]νοιδα
μη κινη χεραδος ου γαρ θεμις εν μοισοπολων οικιαι
θρηνων εμμεν
ου κ’αμμι ταδε πρεποι


I start my song with ethereal soft words. In my life I served beauty.
Along the night, when dark sleep captures my eyes and desire burns me and excites my body, I know not what to do: my mind is divided Drop after drop the pain within me..
No, it's not You who for me, as much you want it,
For their whom I benefit injure me most...
Yes, I have placed this deep in my mind and I know it.
Leave the pebbles and don't mix them up. Lamentations are not be heard into poets' homes.
Such things are not appropriate for us.

Sappho, free translation