Composer and Pianist

Aspasia Nasopoulou


  • NEW CD Not a single road

    The entire composition Ten Dipoles in the new cd of Seldom Sene.

  • Composition Competition in ORDA

    The international festival ORDA, Open Recorder Days Amsterdam 2019
    hosts for first time a composition competition open for students that pursue a professional degree in composing and to professional composers. I'm honored to be part of the jury. Public performance of the finalists compositions on the 27th of October 2019 in Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

  • 2Waste

    New large music theater piece in collaboration with the composer / sound artist Danny de Graan and reConvert percussion duet.

  • Salamander

    A new composition for the latest project of Co-Composers Amsterdam
    Grotesque Creatures for duo Bilitis.
    In collaboration with Floris van der Vlugt and Athony Dunstan.
    Premiere, February 2020

  • Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam concert series, at Plein Theater Amsterdam.

    interactie in klank & woord - musici & denkers van onze tijd

    Curatoren: Fie Schouten & Aspasia Nasopoulou



16 Aug - 3X2 cycle of pieces for historical keyborads.Premiere; Moon for clavichord and new composition for square piano and baritone.Kevin Walton, baritone and narration & Michael Tsalka, keyboards. Geelvinck Festival August 2019, Luther Museum Amsterdam
17 Sep - Ersilia for solo recorder and electronics, Francesca Clements, Denmark
18 Sep - Utopia, Michael Tsalka, piano, Cape Town
09 Feb - Salamander, Co-Composing Amsterdam project, Duo Bilitis, Plein Theater, Amsterdam


Concert series

for contemporary music at Plein Theater.
Curated by Fie Schouten & Aspasia Nasopoulou

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“Zeer bijzonder is ook het stuk"Raw Rocks"... Dit zeer afwisselend maar ook pittige stuk vormt daarme een waar feest voor het oor.“

Ben Tafijn

Nieuwe Noten 10/11/17

“About Ikaros: wonderful interaction between the various art forms, great synergy!“

Thea Derks

“The dramatic climax of the disc surely is Aspasia Nasopoulou’s Lelia Doura (2012)“

Tom Bickley

American Recorder (summer 2015)

“..und bei den "3 Stücken auf Persische Dichtung" von Nasopoulou eine flexible Rhythmik und aparte freitonale Klänge.“

Christoph Keller for Utopia/Rubini/Ochto

NordWest Zeitung 7/11/18

“Nooit pathetisch, plat of voorspelbaar. Niet zweverig of spiritueel, niet emotioneel of aanstellerig. Nooit hetzelfde, maar op den duur toch duidelijk herkenbaar. Allemaal facetjes van haar muzikale ziel die ze met haar tonen openlijk toont“

Nathan Tax

blog, Meet the Composer!

“..Nasopoulou brings the story of Ikaros to life as well though the video projection. Beautifully done, with text by Henk van der Waal: “to rise and rise because of the wings" and music in which memory and desire coincide. Stunning.“

Els van Swol

Een jaar met de Grieken, Blog voor muziek, toneel , beeldende kunst 16/12/2018

“Nasopoulou has a great affinity with old music, and she knows how to connect it to modern ways of playing... ...also special is the music that Nasopoulou wrote to 'Nachtwerk', the poetry cycle in seven parts of Micha Hamel, who himself recites his verses with DoelenKwartet. With subtle musical gestures Nasopoulou accentuates a word, an underlying meaning, not a moment drowning out the performer.“

Thea Derks

about 'Lelia Doura' & 'Nachtwerk' Cultuurpers, 2015