Aspasia Nasopoulou

Saturday to Friday

music dance piece with audience's interactivity

Soiree Unextracted
for Volharding Ensemble in collaboration with Ina Stockem

Saturday to Friday
in Soiree Unextracted

The piece "Saturday to Friday" it was a commision from the Stichting "La vie sure terre" and Merlijn Twaalfhoven,for their project Soiree Unextracted which took place in four stages in Korzo theater in Den Haag during 03-04. I collaborated with the choreographer Ina Stockem developing different ways of interactions with the audience.

Concept and Music, Aspasia Nasopoulou
Dance/interactivity with the audience, Ina Stockem

Soirees Unextracted No2
18 April 2004

Initiative of Volharding Ensemble
Artistic direction, Merlijn Twaalfhoven
Production, Karen Smit (La vie sur Terre)
In collaboration with Korzo music productions
Guest: Naomi Sato, sax.