Aspasia Nasopoulou


for string quartet and narrator

Composed for DoelenKwartet .Based on seven poem of Micha Hamel.


Nachtwerk was a commission from the DoelenKwartet. The piece consists of seven parts for string quartet and narrator: the poet Micha Hamel.
For this specific composition poems are used from his rich collection, which all of them are linked by one line; artist and his artistic process.
The piece can be seen as different characteristic ‘scenes’. In every scene one or several instruments form the protagonist together with the narrator. The rest of the instrument(s) play the role of a modern “chorus” -as used in a tragedy play-; commenting, connecting, supporting or coloring the situation. Inspired by just as the poet is doing in his narratives; by means of irony, anger, tenderness, acceptance.

10 June 2014, Poetry International Rotterdam, 20:15
30 oktober 2014 Amsterdam - Muziekgebouw 20.15u
2 november 2014 Enschede - Arce Zaal 16.00 uur
8 november November Music - Den Bosch 14.00 uur
9 november Rotterdam - De Doelen 20.15 u
10 november Arnhem - Musis Sacrum 20.15 u
15 november Tilburg - Muziek Centrum 20.15 u
1 maart 2015 - Dan Haag - Nieuwe Kerk 16.00 u

photo:Tineke de Lange/Pieter Vandermeer

  • Trailer Nous Deux-Nachtwerk with comments by Micha Hamel

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Opening evening 45th Poetry International Rotterdam.

The very special edition with the collections of the poems and cd with the music is available.

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