Aspasia Nasopoulou

Lelia Doura

for Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet

The piece received the incentive prize from MCN & Donemus publishing, Compositieopdracht Vrouwelijke Componisten 2012.

Lelia Doura for Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet

Lelia Doura is based on a 13th century cantiga de amigo by Pedr’ Eanes Solaz. Cantigas d’amigo are songs typical of Galician Portugese poetry. In these poems the person speaking is usually a young maiden although the troubadours who sang the cantigas were all men. The Arabic words lelia doura (it’s my turn) form the poem’s refrain and gave me the inspiration to use Arabic dance rhythms and a melodic mode or maqam Sikah which is related to love.

The maqam is introduced during the opening solo improvisation and the music that follows the structure of the poem, creating a repetitive structure which develops in a subtle way. The final climax corresponds to the desperate obsessive repetition of the works leli (my night) and lelia doura (it’s my turn) in the last verses.

poem by Pedr Eanes Solaz
translation by Rip Cohen 2010

The piece reached this year the 30 performances in five countries in Europe.

Lelia Doura for Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet

About Lelia Doura by Aspasia Nasopoulou

Interview with the Greek composer Aspasia Nasopoulou, introducing our first common project, her composition "Lelia Doura", written for Seldom Sene in 2012.

Video & audio: MusicFrame Productions / Daniël Brüggen


"Lelia Doura" was awarded an Incentive Prize and published by Donemus. You can find a complete recording on our first cd "Taracea" (Brilliant Classics).

Music by Desprez • Cabezón • Victoria • Handl • Tye • Coprario • Holborne • Johnson • Tallis • J.S. Bach • Boismortier • Frenzel • Reger • Caldini • Geysen • Nasopoulou

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