Aspasia Nasopoulou


poetry music performance

with dance, video and decor
Poetry, Henk van der Waal


Ikaros is a performance for two violinists, a dancer, video and transforming decor screen, inspired by the poem of Henk van der Waal in de ogen van de god

Paraphrasing the three stages of van der Waal’s poem:
First: the innocence of trying to fly, to expand, to show the unheard. But the higher you go, the deep your fear. Your dream rages under you and you “stop” becoming victim of your recklessness.
Then: sweet and long comes the fall. Entering the ground, muted from sounds, breaking into pieces reaching the spot that will be your last home. The transitional point of your existence.
There is the dark, hard zero of being, the shadows disappoint you and you are not anymore who you were. Black, open, you embrace your inner death walking around the crater of your presence. Waiting the angel who will peel the astonishment from your lips and will give you again the possibility to speak and bring new light into yourself.
Followed by: being fluid again. In peace, mature, stable and wisely anchored to the earth. Connected with your brain, you create art using it as anaesthetic to be able to continue.
You are converted, to a modest surrender; a realist.
Those who have received self revelation are reflected in the god’s eyes.
The speaking people, the looking, the walking, receive the reward of flying again up.

The music composition has three parts Flying, Falling Fluid.The score is available from Donemus Publishing.

Aspasia Nasopoulou, composition and concept
Henk van der Waal, poetry
Joe Puglia and Emmy Storms, violins
Manuela Tessi, choreography, dance
Sarah Hermanutz, video
Ernst Dullemond, screen
Miranda Lakerveld, final direction

Premiere 4th of November in November Music Festival 2018

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wonderful interaction between the various art forms, great synergy!
Thea Derks