Aspasia Nasopoulou


music poetry performance

for Aerodynamic trio

The piece HemiAeroPartitura was inspired by the three poems of the Chilean poet Oscar Hahn (1938- )
Even his writing being plain and human, creates simultaneously an outer space a transparent environment. He fuses, but also connects with unique way the human bodies and feelings in earth, with another dreamy beyond world ; walking above the hemispheres, music from the planets, speed of love...
The theatrical elements -directed kinesiology and costumes- are part of the composition giving another dimension to the musical approach of the poems.
The piece composed for Aerodynamic Trio in 2007-2008

Costumes, Nienke Brokke
Tape, in collaboration with Alfredo Acebal

Premiere Deventer, Bergkerk, 2007
Van Gogh Museum

Poetry Oscar Hahn

  • The first part of the piece Hemi