Aspasia Nasopoulou


for Aerodynamic trio

The piece HemiAeroPartitura was inspired by the three poems of the Chilean poet Oscar Hahn (1938- )
Even his writing being plain and human, creates simultaneously an outer space a transparent environment. He fuses, but also connects with unique way the human bodies and feelings in earth, with another dreamy beyond world ; walking above the hemispheres, music from the planets, speed of love...
The theatrical elements (directed kinesiology and costumes) are part of the composition giving another dimension to the musical approach of the poems.
The piece composed for Aerodynamic Trio in 2007-2008

Costumes, Nienke Brokke
Tape, in collaboration with Alfredo Acebal

Performances: Premier Deventer, Bergkerk, 2007,
Van Gogh Museum, Amstelkerk

Poetry Oscar Hahn