Aspasia Nasopoulou

Fighting with Eros

a music poetry performance for the Dutch Harp Festival 2014

Fighting with Eros

The performance brings in contemporary music, five poems speaking about love, by poets who lived in different historical times. Binding element is their ‘troubadour’ character of poet and musician. Thus resulting in a travel through time; from the first expression of individuality during the Greek lyric period, with a great representative Anakreon, to the cantigas d’amigo of the 13th century and Shakespeare’s craftsmanship. Then from the multilayered personality of Lorca as poet, pianist and supporter of folk music, to the contemporary composer-poet Micha Hamel.

Μελη Δ (Fragments D) (2013) for solo Aeolian harp -22 strings-based on fragments of poetry by Anakreon (7th century B.C.)
Inamorata (2012) for recorders’ duo based on a cantigas d’amigo by Lourenco (13th century)
Why? (2012) for solo harp based on sonnet nr. 76 by William Shakespeare
Deseo (2011) for solo accordion inspired by F.G. Lorca’s poem.
Serenade (2013) for modern harp, two recorders and accordion based on the poem “Serenade” by Micha Hamel (1970- )

Aspasia Nasopoulou, composition/concept
Eva Tebbe, harp          
Maria Martinez Ayerza, recorders
Hester Groenleer, recorders
Marieke Grotenhuis, accordion
Ernst Dullemond, décor

2 March 2014, Utrecht, Harp Festival


Solo harp based on sonnet nr. 76 by William Shakespeare

  • Serenade for two recorders, accordion and harp.Poetry Micha Hamel