Aspasia Nasopoulou


Six pieces for historical keyboards

composed for Michael Tsalka

3*2 (2017-2019) dur.25 min

Utopia (clavichord) / Rubini (square piano) / Ochto (square piano) /
Enigma (fortepiano & ghca) / Moon (clavichord) / Plenitude (fortepiano and bar)

Composed for Michael Tsalka (IL/NL)

The cycle of six pieces is based on and inspired by six Rubaiyat of the Persian mathematician and philosopher Omar Khayyám (1048-1131).
The introvert meditative clavichord, the direct outspoken ‘grotesque’ square piano and the intellectual fortepiano, form a very special group of keyboard instruments.
Related to my intention to research the miniature form, the Rubaiyats, a 4-line form poetry equally to Greek and Roman epigrams and to Japanese Haikus, immediately captured my interest; bringing the theme in the first line, developing it in the second, making a climax in the third and concluding dramatically in the fourth, or finishing alternatively with something as surprise, gave me great handles for my compositional choices.
The piece Enigma is composed for the special combination of fortepiano and glass harmonica. Glass harmonica Dennis James (USA).
The last composition Plenitude features the British actor and singer Kevin Walton.
The compositions were supported by FPK.

Some performances

Pianoforte Foundation of Chicago, 2016
UNAM University of Mexico , 2016
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan , 2017
Geelvinck fortepiano Festival, Amsterdam 2016, 2017, 2018
Univeristy of Oldenburg, Germany, 2018

Upcoming premieres of Moon and Plenitude in Geelvinck Festival,
Luther Museum Amsterdam, 16th of August 2019

LISTEN Opium radio channel, 2017

3*2 (2017-2019) dur.25 min


May 25, 2018 at VII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival
Finalist of the Composition Competition.

  • Enigma for square piano and glas harmonica.
    Michael Tsalka & Dennis James, Gelvinck Festival, Cromhuithuis, Amsterdam
    August 2018

  • Utopia for clavichord, Michael Tsalka