Aspasia Nasopoulou
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for elect. guitar, saxophones, double bass and three dancers
Total duration: 15 min.

The piece was composed in 2005 in collaboration with the Spanish choreographer Rozer Espinoza.
The music was composed and there are partly guided improvised sections.
Doelenzaal, Amsterdam 2005
Naomi Sato, sax
Stefan Pliquett b.d.
Raphael Vanoli el. guitar

Concept and direction: Roser López Espinosa

Dance: Raquel Gualtero, Patricia Penev, Maja Drobac / Roser López Espinosa
Original music: Aspasia Nasopoulou

Musicians: Stefan Pliquett, c.b. Naomi Sato, saxs,Raphael Vanoli
electric guitar
Set design: Bart Strijbos y Roser López Espinosa

Artistic advisors: Katie Duck y Rombout Willems

Lighting design: Paul Bruinsma
Sound: Dave Krooshof
Stage manager: Markus Snizer