Aspasia Nasopoulou
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Merose (2003)
for violin., viola, violoncello., double bass., flute., oboe., clarinet., mandolin, guitar harp and percussion (for the Nieuw Ensemble)
Total duration: 12 min.

This piece is based on “Mera Merose” (“Day has come”), a Greek traditional song, originating from a series of songs named “Acritic”, i.e. songs of the borderline. These are songs dating from the Middle Ages and refer to the warriors of the Greek borders. The goal was to explore how a monophonic melody which is traditionally modal and performed with rich microtonal ornamentation, can be performed by western instruments. In this piece, polyphonic techniques are incorporated into a contemporary harmonic language with microtonal references (melodically and vertically), following the theme, the form and the metric structure of the verses.