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Existence IV (2005)
Text: Saburo Teshigawara
for big ensemble (14 players) four dancers and video
Total duration: 15 min.

Thoughts by Saburo Teschigawara

I was born. In the summer I take a step. Under my feet grinds the
sand. Winds sweeps across the ground. Angels descend
asking for water. Peaceful air. A glance is the first step
Its breath is the first step. Taking the body elsewhere
Moving the body on. The body must be seen.
The body must see. The body is touched.
The body touches. The eyes want to see.
The eye searches, searches for light. Seeing means
seeing the eye. Wanting to see nothing wanting to see things.
In the absence of things wanting to see light.
The body shelters light and time.
The body is born out of darkness. The body is born through light.
Light adjusts to the body through time. Time creates the body.
Light creates the body. Darkness is shrouded in light.
There is no darkness. Light, light, light.
Also dreams in light, dreams of light. Not seeing and seeing
is in the light. White. Purity of white. Impurity of white.
Buoyancy supported by white. Speed of white. Movement of white.
ime of white. Emerging white. Melting white. Melting time.
Melting place. “Time” as “here”. Movements in between.
Melting distance. Melting space. From white to clarity from things
that are not me to awareness. From awareness to shadow
From shadow to time. Melting away and not melting away.
White of life. Blackness of life. Color is in the melting of time
in the light. Present and absent fall or are sublimated in the light.
When time is here we can find the destination of life.

Credits for the videos

Aspasia Nasopoulou, Concept, Music

Marina Peuranen Choreography, Costumes
Saburo Teshigawara, Text
Adnan Hasovic,video

Emily Titeca
Anja Sielaff
Fenne Toornan
Margherita Bencini
Sarah Dillen

Ainhoa Miranda, bass clarinet
Douwe van der Meulen, English horn
Antonis Pratsinakis, violoncello
Stefan Pliquett, contrabasse
Tania Sikelianou, violin
Ermis Theodorakis,piano

Syrene Saxofoonkwartet
Femke Ylstra, soprano
Lotte Pen, alto
Claudia Luce, tenor
Eva van Grinsven, baritone

Marieke Franssen, flute
Nina de Waal, violin

Erik Bosgraaf
Stefanie Brandt
Lena Hatzigrigoriou
Maria Martinez

Noelia Arco
Jose Triguerros

Maribeth Diggle, Narrator

Jane Lang, Conductor

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Theaterzaal 12/5/05

Recorded /edited by Thomas Myrmel, Stereo Conflicts