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Rodia=SO4H2 (2001)
Poetry, N.Egonopoulos
For chorus a cappela
Tutal duration: 2:30 min.

The piece Rodia=SO4H2 was inspired by the surrealistic poem of Nikos Egonopoulos and was composed in 2000 for a cappella choir. A made a first review in 2002 for bass clarinet and soprano for the Nederland Muziek Dagen 2002 at Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht. A second arrangement was made for recorder and soprano especially for Lena Chatzigrigoriou and it was performed in 2003.

Aerodynamic trio asked me in 2005 to make a special arrangement for their trio and since then they performed the piece in several venues. They won the second prize In IXth International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow, Poland, 2005 performing in the final Rodia=SO4H2.

Here you are listening to a fragment of Rodia=SO4H2 from the arrangement in 2005, for Aerodynamic trio.

Ακουσε τα δακρυα πως κυλουν, ομοια με δενδρα ασαλευτα. Ερημα σαν πεφτει η νυχτα. Και ομως ο κηπος, λεω, με τα αμετρητα παραθυρα ηταν απεραντος και οι πρασιναδες του εφταναν κατω, κοντα στην θαλασσα. Ακριβως εκει που αρχινα η κιτρινη αμμουδια. Σαυτη την κιτρινη αμμουδια ειπαμε τα πιο εμορφα μας τραγουδια. Κι ομως μας πετροβολησαν με πετρες και βοτσαλα χουφτιες. Και τα βοτσαλα ητανε τα λευκα ερωτικα δοντια των γυναικων που αγαπησαμε.


"Listen how the tears roll, similar to unshaken trees. Speechless and desert, as night comes down. However the garden with countless windows, I say, was endless and its plants reached down near the sea, exactly where the yellow sand starts. On this yellow beach we sang our most beautiful songs. But then hey threw handfuls of stones on us and the stones were the white erotic teeth of the woman we loved."

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