Composer and Pianist

Aspasia Nasopoulou


  • Harbours

    Harbour and Parallaxis an impressive concert, going in tour in China this summer. Cheng Yu-Wu, flute and electronics.
    Three pieces of co-composers Amsterdam are in this special event.
    Very proud for our piece Harbours with Aleksdanra Popovska and Floris van der Vlugt.

    Premiere 29 July in Taipei , Taiwan

  • Ten Dipoles in the new cd of Seldom Sene

    Very exciting news! Parts of my large composition Ten Dipoles, including the 10 free Aerophones, will be recorded in December 2018 for the new cd of Seldom Sene by Brillant records.

  • Mondrian's Dream

    After a sold out premiere in November Music Festival 2017, Mondrian's Dream for Wishful Singing female vocal ensemble completed a long tour with a performance on the 10th of June in de Oude Kerk in Spaarndam. More concerts will follow in autumn!

  • Olinda & Ochto

    My two solo piano pieces Olinda and Ochto in the new cd In Blue and White of Erato Alakiozidou by Odradek records.



18 Aug - Enigma/ Denis James glass harmonica and Michael Tsalka forte piano.Premiere Cromhouthuis, Amsterdam
16 Sep - Mondrian's Dream / Wishful Singing female a cappella Zwolle
08 Oct - Aqua / Bram van Sambeek bassoon, Marijn Korff de Gidts percussion & animation film.Premiere Hochchule für Musik und Tanz Köln
04 Nov - Ikaros / Joe Puglia & Emmy Storms: violins, Manuela Tessi: dance, Henk van der Waal: poetry. Premiere November Music 2018



A new music dance performance based on the poem of Henk van der Waal in de ogen van de god.

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“The Amsterdam-based Aspasia Nasopoulou’s Olinda & Eudoxia bursts forth with moody, softly spun contemporary lyricism. Nasopoulou’s delicate writing gave Zeniodi an opportunity to display the more subtle, nuanced side of her pianistic persona.“

Lawrence Budmen

South Florida Classical Review, April 14th 2013

“Nasopoulou has a great affinity with old music, and she knows how to connect it to modern ways of playing... ...also special is the music that Nasopoulou wrote to 'Nachtwerk', the poetry cycle in seven parts of Micha Hamel, who himself recites his verses with DoelenKwartet. With subtle musical gestures Nasopoulou accentuates a word, an underlying meaning, not a moment drowning out the performer.“

Thea Derks

about 'Lelia Doura' & 'Nachtwerk' Cultuurpers, 2015

“Zeer bijzonder is ook het stuk"Raw Rocks"... Dit zeer afwisselend maar ook pittige stuk vormt daarme een waar feest voor het oor.“

Ben Tafijn

Nieuwe Noten 10/11/17

“The dramatic climax of the disc surely is Aspasia Nasopoulou’s Lelia Doura (2012)“

Tom Bickley

American Recorder (summer 2015)