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- Mondrian's dream for Wishful Singing female vocal ensemble is completing its tour!
The premier was in November Music Festival 2017.
Check the agenda for the last concerts.
Read an interview about the piece.

- Proud for the continuation of the initiative
Composer's treat!

After the last two years successful residencies of Maria Christina Krithara from Greece and Anna Veismane from Latvia we welcomed last month in Buitenwerkplaats the composer Jasna Veliscovic.The final concert presentation will be on the 20th of May in De Ruimte.

- My new music/dance composition Ikaros based on poetry by Henk van der Waal
for Joe Puglia/ violin, Emmy Storms/violin, Manuella Tessi/ dance, will be premiered in November Music 2018.
Ernst Dullemond, decor/screen
Sarah Harmanutz, video

-The collaboration with the animation dpt of AKV|St.Joost Kunstacademie in Breda for the new piece Aqua based on Italo Calvino's book Invisible Cities, for Bram van Sambeek bassoon and Marijn Korff de Gidts percussion, is finalized this spring.

- Takuu/ the sinking island (2018) my new composition for the Greek Modern Ensemble performed on the 20th of March in Athens Concert Hall.
Direction, Iakovos Konitopoulos

- Raw Rocks a cycle of three solo piano pieces for Ralph van Raat inspired by geological principals, was premiered during the November Music Festival 2017.
Read the review on

- Olinda and Ochto are in the new cd
of Erato Alakiozidou "In Blue and White" by Odradek.

- The cd of Seldom Sene Quintet Taracea music by Josquin, de Victoria, Jacobus Gallus, Holborne, Boismortier, Bach, Reger, Frenzel, Nasopoulou en Geysen is for a second print after the great success.
"The dramatic climax of the disc surely is Aspasia Nasopoulou’s Lelia doura (2012)"
16, Summer 2015 American Recorder,review by Tom Bickley

Some highlights of the last years:

- Ten Dipoles, large composition (30 min) for Seldom Sene recorders Quintet in combination with Ten free Aerophones instruments, instalation by Ernst Dullemond and Horst Rickels.
Premier November Music 2017, De Pont Museum, Orgelpark, Amstelkerk.

TEN DIPOLES from BalansLaB on Vimeo.

-Ven Salta cross-over project (1 hour) cycle of eleven works/songs based on poetry by contemporary women poets from Mediterranean countries.For piano,ud,percussion and mezzo soprano.
Premier, Opening evening of the 48th Poetry International Rotterdam Festival Stadschouburg & Ro Theater(2017)

-Meet the composer! Three surprising portrait evenings in three different cities in The Netherlands
Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.(2016)
With interviewers: Stine Jensen, Mike Boddé and Paul Haenen

The book/cd Nachtwerk & Nous Deux is available!
The special booklet includes two cycles of poems by Micha Hamel and Paul Eluard (in French and Dutch) and a cd with the compositions which are based on those poems by Aspasia Nasopoulou and Micha Hamel.
Doelen String Quartet, Renate Arends, soprano and Micha Hamel performer/narrator.
listen to a sample
Send an email for more information and buying.

-The piece Lelia Doura for Seldom Sene recorders quintet on cantigas d'amigo poetry of 13th century awarded the incentive prize in the MCN Compositieopdracht Vrouwelijke Componisten.

Watch an interview about the piece (2017)

-Jury and public prize in the ensemble category in the
Tristan Keuris Componisten Concours 2014 with the piece Nanourisma for flute piano and bassoon.

-Nachtwerk project
-7 scenes voor strijkkwartet en performer
Micha Hamel, gedichten en voordracht



Need for a new composition for a special occasion?
Check the new platform of composers COMPOSE4YOU, initiated and supported by Donemus.
Very happy to participate as composer!

Upcoming projects
New piece for Duo Bilitis in collaboration with Anthony Leigh Dunstan.Co-composing Amsterdam.

Music theater performance Arion in collaboration with the theater director Christiaan Mooij (2019-2020)

Performances/Projects (representative)
2018 Takku -the sinking island for Greek Modern Ensemble, Athens Concert Hall
2017 Mondrian's Dream for Wishful Singing female a cappella
in tour
2017 Raw Rocks piano suite for Ralph van Raat premier November Music
2016 Ten Dipoles for Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet & Ten Free Aerophones, Installation by Ernst Dullemond and Horst Rickels Premier November Music
2016 New piece for "Meet the composer" evenings
'Zwarte steen in de zee" for piano saxophone and djembe
Supported by Nieuw Geneco
2015 Carousel of Fantasies for solo tenor saxophone for Roberto Genova, Italy October 2015
2015 24Fingerprints

The piece 'Olinda' was selected in the project 24Fingerprints organized by Buma Classical on 26-27 of November.
Piano, Ralph van Raat
2015 Meanads
Co-Composing project with Olger Star for ensemble and dj.
October 14th 2015, Amsterdam Dance Event
2015 Sofia, Nikolaikerk, Utrecht, Schreck ensemble, March 2015
2014 Nachtwerk, DoelenKwartet & Micha Hamel
Poetry International Rotterdam
2014 Olinda, Palais de Tokyo Museum, Paris France
GlassWorlds marathon, Nicolas Horvath, piano
2014 Fighting with Eros. Theater performance.
Poetry, Anakreon, cantiga d'amigos, W.Shakespeare, F.G. Lorca and Micha Hamel. Decor, Ernst Dullemond.
Harp Festival Utrecht 2014

2013 "Andria" based on " Invisible cities" by Italo Calvino for the piano duo Maclé, Italy
2013 Olinda& Eudoxia, Zoe Zeniode, solo piano
Gusman Concert Hall, Miami
2013 Instant, Concorde ensemble
RHA Gallery, Ely Place, Dublin 2

2012 Collaboration with Ernst Dullemond, instalation and Philippe Laval, guitar for the theater piece Abajo based on F.G.Lorca poem.Temp’óra International Meeting for Musical Creation,Rocher de Palmier in Cenon
2012 The garden with countless windows
cd presentation and concert, Aerodynamic trio
Rodia=S04H2, Inamorata (première)
2012 Olinda & Eudoxia solo piano, Casa dei Mezzo Festival, Makrigialos, Creta
Trygve Broske, piano
2011 New Kite, Oneplusone duo, (accordion & piano) Haapavesi Folk Festival
2011 The lot of Love, Scordatura Trio
2011 Deseo for solo accordion
Beton, Athens, January 2011
2010 "Cloths of Heaven" poetry W.B.Yeats, for recorder, Miako Klein,
trumpet,Sava Stoyanov and electronics, Jesse Broekman
Frankfurt, Haus am Dom, December 2010

2010 Instant, for cello,saxophones and dance video
Muziekgebouw, October 2010
Collaboration with the choreographer/dancer Manuela Lucia Tessi
2010 Haiku I, II, III for the Duo Tabz- cello Alexandros Botinis and percussion Konstantinos Botinis. Video, Christian Tan
Patra, May 2010
2010 Nanourisma, for flute and piano based on a Greek folk lullaby.
Delft, April 2010
2010 Instant, International Saxophone Festival in Fermo, Italy
2009 Ballad I, by Sonia Theodoridou and Efi Agrafioti, Parnassos Hall, Athens
2009 Messenger I, by Theo Milkov, Grachtenfestival, Amstel Hotel 2009
2008 HemiAeroPartitura, premier, Bergkerk Deventer
Van Gogh Museum, Amstelkerk
2008 One/hitotsu for Japanese Sho and Soprano, Poetry Dan Albertson
Japan, January 2008
2007 Coordinator /co-producer with Insomnio Ensemble of the three pilot projects
"I -Lab at Walter Maas Huis, musicians meet composers"
2007 Here and There/ musical organization of the exhibition [b]“Culturen Verbinden”[/b] (Griekse artistieke aanwezigheid in Nederland) Consulaat Generaal van Grikenlandse Rotterdam,WTC Rotterdam

2007 Balad I, III Museumhaven Aqua Musica 5e editie, Oud en Nieuw, Amsterdam
2007 “Eternal light” , Modern Greek Ensemble, Athens Concert Hall
2006 Balades by Christine de Pizan (1363-1430) project with Grand Desir Ensemble (medieval blockflute medieval viola d’arco and mezzo-soprano) Bachzaal, Amsterdam
2006 Stigmes, Slovenia
2006 “Piece for 4 performers and tape” inspired by Walter Maas Huis (project Composers 05-06 Walter Maas Huis)
2006 “Pierlala”, Concertgebouw
2005 “Rodia=SO4H2” Gaudeamus Competition for Performers
2006 Teiresias Kadmos MUZIEKGEBOUWAAN’TIJ
2005 “Love” “Power” Muiderpoorttheater
2005 Tetralogy (Passion Power Love Existence) Danstheater interdisciplinary project (dance, music, poetry, visual art) Collaboration with the choreographer
Marina Peuranen and the visual artists Adnan Hasovic and Tamuna Chabachvili
2005 “Stigmes” Percussion Festival Paris
2005 “Rodia=SO4H2” Aerodynamic Trio Uitmarkt 2005 Concertgebouw, Muziekweek De suite MUZIEKGEBOUWAAN’TIJ, Krakow Ensemble’s Competition (second price)
2005 “10+Tessera” The Hellenic Centre London
2004-2005 “10+Tessera” Week of Contemporary Chamber Music, IJsbreker, Bachzaal
2004-2005 “Passion” Plankgas , Gasthuis
Collaboration with the choreographer Nicola Hepp
2004 “The spirits of the dead” Greek Women Composers in abroad Nakas Athens (commission by Kelados ensemble)
2004 “Asemna” Marcogliano festival (Italy, A. Mahler Symfonietta)
2004 “Ballast” Experiments experienced at Doelen’s evenings Doelenzaal
Collaboration with the dancer/choreographer Roser Espinoza
2004 “The spirits of the dead” Danish Institute in Athens (Danish -Greek women composers)
2003-2004 “Saturday to Friday” “Power”, Volharding Ensemble, Korzo theater "Soirees unextracted 1-4 interactive project"
Collaboration with the choreographer Ina Stockem
2003 “Meiokeno” Music of the World (cooperation Greek-Dutch embassies), Goethe institute, Athens
2003 World premier of the piece 10+Tessera (first time use of the 4able bowed vibraphone) Greek French institute in Athens
2003 “Merose” International Gaudeamus Music Week 2003, Concertgebouw, Nieuw Ensemble
2002 “Rodia=SO4H2”Nederlandse Muziek Dagen,Vredenburg
2002 “Chromata Laleonta” (piece for big ensemble and Gamelan from Java) Week of Contemporary Chamber Music, Bachzaal, Amsterdam
2000 “Three Moods”8o International Guitar Festival, Ermoupolis
2000 “Entropia” Athens Concert Hall