Aspasia Nasopoulou
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Aspasia Nasopoulou Aspasia Nasopoulou, a Greek composer living and working in Amsterdam since 2002, is actively involved in the contemporary art creation in Europe. Her music ranges from solo instrumental and ensemble pieces, to dance- and vocal music. Her classical and contemporary background gives her work a poetic, profound and dynamic expressiveness. Her music is being described as complex but open, transparent and evocative. A large number of her pieces are inspired by and dealing with poetry from different times and different countries. From this she extracts not only meaning, but also concepts for her musical forms. She creates links between traditions and today.
"Nasopoulou has a great affinity with old music, and she knows how to connect it to modern ways of playing...
...Also special is the music that Nasopoulou wrote to 'Nachtwerk', the poetry cycle in seven parts of Micha Hamel, who himself recites his verses with Doelen Kwartet. With subtle musical gestures Nasopoulou accentuates a word, an underlying meaning, not a moment drowning out the performer." (Thea Derks about 'Lelia Doura' & 'Nachtwerk')

Another feature of her work is the unexpected combination of instruments, finding the essence of their blending in sound and impact. Often Nasopoulou integrates visuals, costumes and decor in her pieces, which gives the performances a stronger intimacy. E.g. Ten Dipoles for Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet and an especially designed installation of Ten Free Aerophones premiered in November Music and was on tour in The Netherlands.The upcoming performance Ikaros for November Music 2018 is a combination of music, dance, video and a transforming screen.
Besides composing Nasopoulou is curating concert series, and organizing workshops for professional composers. Since 2016 she is coordinating The Composer’s Treat residency in Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeerdijk. She is teaching piano in conservatories in Greece and at the British School of Amsterdam for more than two decades now.

Film portrait by Patricia Werner Leanse
An impression of Aspasia Nasopoulou's music with comments by colleagues and musicians.

Aspasia Nasopoulou studied Piano (diploma with honors from the Conservatory of Piraeus, Greece) Composition (diploma with honors from the "N.Skalkottas" Conservatory, prof. M. Travlos) and Geology (Bachelor of Science from the National University of Athens, Greece). She continued her studies in Composition (with a scholarship from the Propondis Foundation) at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Bachelor and Master's degrees) with Wim Henderickx and Fabio Nieder (specialization: contemporary music in combination with contemporary dance). She was guest researcher at University of Amsterdam for the academic year 05-06 (Musicality of Bacchae by Euripides)

Nasopoulou’s pieces have been commissioned and performed internationally by acclaimed soloists and ensembles in concerts and festivals. Among them Ralph van Raat, Wishful Singing female a cappella, DoelenKwartet & Micha Hamel (NL), Anna Veismane (LT), Adam Ørvad (DK), Trygve Brøske (NO), November Music, Nederlandse Muziekdagen, Opening of the 45th & 48th Poetry International Rotterdam, De Pont museum of Modern Art, Haäpavesi Folk Music Festival, Grachtenfestival, Gaudeamus Music Week, Concertgebouw, Van Gogh Museum, Glass Worlds-Hommages to Philip Glass Paris, Dutch Harp Festival , Athens Concert Hall , Saxophone Festival Ferno, Percussion Festival Paris.
Nasopoulou’s music is being broadcast in the Concertzender and Radio 4 in the Netherlands and in stations in Belgium, Greece and via online platforms. Portraits of her work have been presented in film evenings and in theater shows like ‘Meet the composer!’

Nasopoulou has been elected as a permanent member of the Union of Hellenic Composers in 2002, and she is a member of Nieuw Geneco.
She was coordinator/ moderator of the series of Workshops for composers “De Componist” at the Walter Maas Huis from 2006 to 2009.

In 2012 Nasopoulou received the incentive prize from the MCN & Donemus Publishing Composition Competition with the piece Lelia Doura for the Seldom Sene Recorder quintet, based on cantiga d’amigos. She won in 2014 the 1st Jury and the Public prize in the Tristan Keuris Componisten Concours with the piece Nanourisma for piano, flute and bassoon.
The piece Olinda for solo piano was selected for the ‘24Fingerprints’, recorded by Ralph van Raat for the Buma Classical Convention 2015 and was one month online on 24Classics.

Nasopoulou's music is published by Donemus


JoHaKyu for two violins
Ten Dipoles for Recorders Quintet and Ten Free Aerophones
Olinda & Eudoxia for solo piano
Haiku II for cello & percussion


"In blue and White" Erato Alakiodizou /Odradek Records
Piano Music by Greek Composers of 21st Century

"Taracea" Seldom Sene Quintet
Music by Josquin, de Victoria, Jacobus Gallus, Holborne, Boismortier, Bach, Reger, Frenzel,
Nasopoulou (Lelia Doura) en Geysen

"Carosselo di Fantasie , Roberto Genova saxophones with Antonis Pratsinakis, cello and Charlie Bo Meijering, piano
Music by Nasopoulou, Nieder, Meigering, Scelci, Mason.

"The garden with countless windows", Aerodynamic trio.
Music by Ciconia, Dufay, Dunstaple, Nasopoulou (Rodia=SO4H2) Auvinen,Arnhold, Gaskill, Jacobo da Bologna, Leonel Power

"Danse et Chanson"
Grand Desir
Music by Dufay Binchois,Lewon, Anonymous, Nasopoulou (Ballads,I&III)